Guess what… another hair-brained scheme (i may have to re-evaluate this mantra as I am bald). I’ve joined the ranks of streamers on Twitch. Why? First and foremost, a solid excuse to game. Second… I thought it would be fun. I spent some time watching a few other streamers and like my foray into tattooing, I said, “I can do that!”.

I had been wanting to for years. Alas, my equipment was sub par. I finally pulled the greenbacks together (damn the rest of the important shit I could do with them) and built my dream rig. Then I googled “How to stream on Twitch”, and the flood gates opened.

Sure, you can quickly get up and capture your game play and stream, but there are so many other nuances that I had no idea about. Overlays, little animations that float across the stream when someone ‘follows’, little bling sounds as another drops coin; real and virtual, show your face while streaming or not, custom emotes for the chatters, viewer status, stable streaming, keyboard macros, audio, video, green screen, cardioid patterns, presentation, not to mention – game selection… wholly fuck!

So, like anything that tickles my fancy, I became obsessed!

I may or may not throw a post or three up about my learning process, but for now, here is a pic of my production area. A green screen gets pulled behind me and a little sign goes up on my office door for the family: “Streaming Live – Text or call to talk”. Fade to black.