Tooth Decay

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Twitch Streamer?

Guess what... another hair-brained scheme (i may have to re-evaluate this mantra as I am bald). I've joined the ranks of streamers on Twitch. Why? First and foremost, a solid excuse to game. Second... I thought it would be fun. I spent some time watching a few other...

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RIP – Maurice Kenny

My friend Maurice died this Saturday. I'm not sure if he was in the hospital or at home. If he was alone or with friends. I don't know if I was such a good friend or not. What I know is what Maurice was to me. A teacher, a brother, a father, a critic, a supporter, a...

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Homemade Treadmill Desk

The initial idea in foam core. The initial idea for supports on each side of the desktop was to have some storage ability (this was later scrapped). The back before I cut out the shelf slot. Trying to get an idea where to drill for the shelf bracket. The rough...

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There’s an “I” in Meat Pie

I pulled out some CarbQuik which has been on the shelves for a while and whipped up some cheddar garlic biscuit mix, then lined a few small loaf pans and filled it with a concoction of veggies and ground beef and covered it with more biscuit mix. The results are a...

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Diversifying your online world

I'm sharing this because I believe I'm not the only one who has not given this thought. In our online lives we think we are connecting and widening our social lives through various medias, but perhaps we are still living in our clicks. Consider this:...

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Fall to Rise

Anyone that knows me, or has read anything I have written within these virtual pages can probably tell that I am not spiritual. In fact, I've always had a certain chip on my shoulder for those that are. I tell myself they must have had to fall hard in order to blindly...

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