OK… so been silent for some time. As usual some life event had prompted me to stand up and say look at me… to the nobodies that are looking at me. You know… at my age you would think that there is little need for validation. I mean I am 51 for fucks sake. Still alive. Still looking for some kind of meaning. Staring at the abyss that is my self. Still wondering if I can pull my head out of my ass. Jesus… what a ride so far… five kids that are now considered adults. An ex-wife that I have spent over half of my life with. Not for nothing… it is what it is on that front. Seriously we got together and started our life when we were my youngest childs age of 18. Of course there will be changes in that relationship that could equate to separation. It’s all good. I am truly looking forward to the next chapter.

Keep coming back… I promise to pour my rambling thoughts.