I have always enjoyed movies and picking them apart or crushing them with an embrace, my way. My way or the highway as you might say. So I am adding a new category of posts and will start haranguing movies, books, purchases, people, religions, food, etc. If you find my reviews opinionated and one sided, then I have done my job.

WOT v12

Book Review: The Gathering Storm is book 12 in the never ending series The Wheel of Time. Robert Jordan wrote books one through eleven and did so very well. I have read and re-read novels one through eight just so that I could continue up to and include eleven. I was...

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My DroidX

Tech Review: Hopefully I don't go blind, but I have been playing with my Droid X like a fiend. All I can say is that it has met all my expectations and more. Like everyone, I await eagerly for the OTA Froyo update, which will provide access to many new features, most...

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Sick – The Life & Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist

Movie Review: Sick is a love story, a hate story, a life story, a death story, a pain story, a pleasure story. It is a documentary about Bob Flanagan, a Sado Masochist with a flair for the performing arts, who is stricken with cystic fibrosis and should already be...

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Movie Review: I have to say, the name drew me in, but what I got on the inside was nothing short of heavenly. AntiChrist, on the surface, was about a couple dealing with the loss of a small child as well as some long standing relationship issues. Through the basic...

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The Road

Book Review: I saw The Road in the bookstore and was fairly excited to read it, but I was also just starting to right a semi-apocalyptic story of my own and was hesitant to purchase it. My favorite genre, if you can name it as such, is anything where the world as we...

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