This is the last poem I’ve written in quite some time. I was driving Maurice Kenny to a workshop he was doing in Syracuse and he asked me to write something to share for that particular class.

I want to vomit–on this world
I want to–go insane
    to run from society
    to cut into society
    to see out–from inside society
I want to catch you from falling–just once
I want to burn the cities
    kill the innocent–the ignorant
I want to lead–the leaders
I want to kiss your cracked–chapped lips
    to feel the hard skin–cut into mine
I want to move the fine–hairs–from your neck
    caress my lips–caress my lips
I want to burn
    to suffocate from the stench of dollars
    to create suffering
    to suffer
I want to gnaw my tongue–drown
    on my blood and saliva
I want to bathe you–like a baby–like a lover
    to eat cherries–frothed white
    from your spit
I want to sit quietly–and wait till we die
    to reach back and choke yesterday
    to arch forward and fuck tomorrow
I’d like to wrap myself around you
I’d like to cuddle up inside you
I’d like to die–abreast to you