I wrote this rhyming poem about a video game called Fable. There was a contest where the prize was to go to E3 and hang with Peter Molyneux and Big Blue Box, the creator’s of Fable. Although I made the runners-up, I did not win.

Unyielding misfortune has laid my course,
by their iron fists my will is forced.
Vengeance or mercy, neither is set,
this path yet elected will be my debt.
Where the cost of atonement is too high,
the soaking serenity has run dry.
Sight of red draped within my soul,
the echoes of torment inside me roll.

This day beginning is this day ending,
the light is fading, the darkness bending.
Rage and ego, project and amass
tranquility shatters as made of glass.
Bring forth my totem for it grows near
the heat of retribution, it will sear.
Forgiveness is lost annihilation is found
this is my life and to it I’m bound.