I am currently on hold with NYS Department of Taxation and Finance. I have been holding for about 8 mins… I am getting bored so I thought I would jot down some words, letters and hopefully coherent sentences.

I am heading to Minneapolis this evening. I hate flying. I did not always hate it. It used to be exciting; but now, I feel like it’s tempting fate. Sure, seems a bit pessimistic, but planes crash, and ultimately everyone is effected. I make the assumption that we are all given a certain amount of luck. The more we use it, the less we have. I have had a few lucky moments in life and feel that the pool that I can draw from is diminished. To take large handfuls out every time I fly is unpleasant and slightly un-nerving.

Anyway, I would probably feel less stressed about it if I had life insurance beyond the normal coverage you get from a typical bene-package.

No sense in dwelling on the negative. However, since I will be on the road this week, I will have some time to do some writing and sketching. I will take advantage of that. So hopefully by next weekend, there will be some thrilling developments/additions to this site.