I am back from MN. It was a work related visit and as always it was good to reconnect visually with the people I work with remotely.

Obviously I survived another flight. One more mouthful of luck siphoned from the limited tank. I wrote and drew nothing during my short separation from family. The idea is always that while I am away from the regular duties of home, that I would take advantage of that time and learn or create something. While this visit was short, there was still time to at least create something. Well, that did not happen.

There are a few reasons for this, I think. One is that I am inherently lazy. Inherently is probably the wrong word as my father is more or less a workaholic with a solid framework for the shouldering of responsibilities. Not to mention a set of work ethics common for his generation.

This responsibility framework is currently under construction within me. I am afraid the architect died at an early age and the project has since gone under multiple redesigns and ultimately sits unfinished. Therefore, I am left with the daunting task of dealing with things only when they have become broken. This is what most people look upon as laziness. Well I say most people and what I really mean is me. I can see the problem, yet without the framework complete, I have to rely on a lot of “jerry-rigging” and gentle nudging from those around me. Neither of which are good enough. So I am left to my own devices to propel myself into creative efforts or educational endeavors.

Two, I have a very difficult time using my brain while in a hotel. I think there is something in the air of some hotels. The hotels I am referring to are the ones I can afford ($65-$100/night). These hotels are purely for catching 3-5 hours of sleep during a long journey, or for the business person peddling their wares.

I am of the latter, the business person peddling my wares. So for me, the hotel room is like a coffin where I hide from the outside world by placing the “do not disturb” sign on the door and closing tight the curtains so I have no idea if its day or night. I shut the coffin lid at 6pm and lie dormant until the 4 separate forms of alarms wake me up (wake-up call, cell phone alarm, watch chime, and clock radio). This all to assure that I will not miss the client meetings. I wish I could say that I get sleep. I say I lie dormant and what I am actually doing is watching the 14 channels of hotel TV. This I do, because unless I fall asleep right away, I am liable to stay awake and think about how much I miss my family. So I lie there watching one spasmodic episode after another until my eyes burn and my brain is numb. Sometimes until 2 or 3 AM.

Anyway, I am back home now and writing this in hopes of propelling me into a repetitive process of writing, even if no one sees it, because it is exercise. Also, I have some ideas for additional eye boogers, so I may begin some of those tonight.

Oh yeah! If not for the contact with my wife while away on these trips, I would undoubtedly die from boredom leaving quite a mess for the maid in the morning.