I have neglected my duties in almost every area of my life… why should my blog be any different. I wish I could say, ‘Wow! So many wonderful things have happened in my life over the last month.” But I can’t. In fact, the only thing that has happened in the last month that is worth writing about is that I have not keeled over from a heart attack after passing yet another birthday (38). I started exercising about 3 weeks ago. I am even watching what I eat (trying to minimize the caloric intake). I have lost 10 pounds. I am not disappointed, but neither am I ecstatic. At this rate (calculating in the more than likely face-in-dirt wagon falls) I should be reasonably fit by the time my youngest leaves the house (14 years).

I digress; I did not want to point and yell at my flab in front of strangers (ok maybe a little). I was more looking to give my self a short jab in hopes of getting back on the road to success. Currently, the road is more like a deer path. You can barely make out the hoof marks in the grass, but I can see where it leads (a narrow path through the darkest woods known to man). Success for me entails riches, health, intelligence, and happiness.

Preferably in that order, though more likely through pain and suffering I will start with intelligence (which may be filtered by wisdom), health (again through some filtering process known as medical necessity), happiness (cause at that point I’ll have the choice of be happy or be dead), then when I am about to die, riches (cause some idiotic bureaucratic snafu will be uncovered). I might have just enough time to sign it away to my heirs.

Anyway, the cynicism is killing me and I got other shit to avoid, so later.