Ever since my father brought home a self-built “ugly” looking contraption he called a computer, and showed me a “Star Trek” like computer game, I was hooked; computers or more specifically computer games. Almost any kind, FPS, RTS, RPG, Platform, side scrollers, top downs, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, 3D, 2D, text based. If it helped me avoid my immediate duties, I was all for it.

I have always dreamt of designing & building my own game. I figure I have a marginally creative streak in the realms of; art, writing, and programming. Well, at the very least, a proficiency for learning them. So I’ve decided to dedicate my free time (plus) to learning everything about the process of developing a computer game.

This actually stemmed from a heated conversation I had with my boys as we inadvertently stumbled upon a killer game concept. They seemed excited about the prospect and very interested in pursuing it. I felt like if the stars aligned, it could be a great game. Well, I feel like flexing my god like abilities and aligning the stars.

If you are so inclined to offer up any skills you might have to assist in this endeavor, and if I feel like I can use you like the beeatch you are, I will show you the secret handshake so you can join this club of madness.