So my son Logan bought a PSP with money he had been ‘saving’ for quite some time. Saving is in quotes, because actually I borrowed it from him a while ago and he just got it back this past weekend.

I purchased a PSP back when it first came out, but it was boring to play alone. Anyway, now that Logan has one, we picked up a game that we can play together, and although we have not done much of the co-op play, the PSP has resurfaced in my view.

What this means is that I now have another stupid distraction from the side projects I wish to embark upon. Namely I have not done any C# coding this whole week. However, as I think I have mentioned in a post or two, my attention span is rather meek and I anticipate moving on from the PSP again very soon.

Currently playing Valhalla Knights, which did not get the greatest ratings (a bit of a dungeon crawl) and Loco Roco, which is by far the best little game I have ever played.