We never gave Acworth, GA a chance. We moved there in November of 2005, and as we stepped across the threshold of our new 5000 sqft house… a house only 2 years old… a house that made our home in NY look like a cottage. But there it is just the same. A house that could never be our home… The house in GA, never had a chance.

Our kids grew up in that little 1600 sqft home back in NY. Hell, my wife and I practically grew up in that home in NY. We did not sell it when we moved. Georgia never stood a chance. We moved back. The house in GA has not sold yet, but we figure school was out, lets get the move done. We packed and left on 13th of June.

We had been packing our shit up for the last 3 weeks. This was the first time, we had given ourselves more than 2 days to move. Normally, well abnormally, we decide to move and do the packing in the same week. Sometimes out of necessity; as our first jaunt to GA (Alpharetta more specifically) and our ‘first’ move back to NY. We had a bit more time for the second move back to GA (Acworth), but still, the packing and the move took place in the same week. This time, we did our packing 3 weeks in advance and slept on the floor with barely a pillow the last 2 days while we finished packing.

Anyway, the move turned out to be the smallest hurdle. Me driving the 26 foot Penske truck with a car carrier on the back carrying our economy car, and my wife driving the luxurious family car (Ford Excursion – I know… a gas hog, but with 5 kids we could no longer fit comfortably in a mini-van – that’s my story and I am sticking with it). The drive took us way more time than anticipated, and we ended up taking refuge in two hotels along the way. On our move down to GA, the U-haul we drove broke down in West Virginia, so I thought, lets choose a different carrier for the move back to NY. Well, the Penske tire blew on the car carrier and when fixing that, they noticed that the front tires of the truck were totally screwed, so they replaced those as well.

As I was saying, the move was a fraction of the pain and discomfort we endured. After we arrived, it became clear that after 2 years not in the house, we had some issues to resolve. Namely, the septic needed pumping and the sewer lines needed unblocking. Yeah… I know, I could not shit, shower or shave. This was a deterrent for settling in. The day I finally got that squared away, our neighbors dog tried to eat our cat. This became another 24×7 deterrent to settling (plus has cost over $800 now with surgery, meds and paraphernalia).

All this in the first month of being back in NY. Even so, I am glad we moved back. Now we just have to sell the house.