Of late, I have not had much to talk about. A recap of the last several months might include my new job which involves 75% travel (ugh) and maybe the addition of a few black labs, Blue and Lilly (presents from my wife). I used to have a black lab many years ago. He had died while I was away at AIT (Advanced Individual Training with the Army). His name was Blue and I had always hoped to get another some day and name him the same (check that to-do off). We also purchased a piece of property that is adjacent to our current property, bringing our total acreage to a big 3.2! I am currently undertaking bringing power out to my wife’s studio. Not a small task as it is over 100′ from the house. I had my eldest assist me with the digging of a ditch to lay the line down. Just so happens we found a stone repository that ran nearly the full length. Plus with the ditch 2 feet from a large cedar, it was an all day event.

The plan for the studio is to have enough power to run both a kiln as well as a welder. The kiln is a Paragon A99B and requires a 50amp double pole breaker. I am bringing 6/4uf wire out to a sub panel from my main panel via an 80amp breaker. I had to special order the 80amp breaker for the old Cuttler Hammer main box we have in the house. I hope to purchase a nice welder soon which will require a 25amp double pole breaker. The studio had been wired when we purchased the property 15 years ago, but I never got around to bringing power to it. The previous owner had simply laid some 12/2 on the ground for lights and outlets, but that blew up long ago. Once I get the power out there, I will need to wire in an outlet for the kiln.

Both my wife and I have always been involved with the arts (more her than I) but this has been a long time coming. Our anniversary is this coming Monday and I will be throwing the switch Sunday for her present. Then, as luck would have it, I head to Kentucky for the rest of the week. Doh!