I have updated the back-end of my site. I was at Joomla! 1.0 and have since updated to 1.5. While this may seem trivial to the ignorant, it has and still is an adjustment. All new database setup, all new css template, all new modules and components (all of which required all new css templates). I started it a week ago and spent more time than I would have liked mostly fucking around with the templates for the comments and forum. Regardless, it will not be seamless as there are still some adjustments I need to make.

Once I get the site back to basically the same functionality of where it was, I plan to update the site both visually and functionally. I hope to make the site more interesting and thereby drawing a larger crowd. Though I am not interested in reaping any monetary value from this site, neither am I interested in being a tree in a forest falling without a sound.

I will keep my ‘community’ updated via the forum on my progess in this endeavor.