same-diff-featuredSeems like every time I turn around I am changing the back or front end of my site. Always finding ways to avoid what it is that I want to do with the site in the first place. Which is to leverage it as a sounding board for my writings or a laboratory for my game development. Both of these things nothing more than a fleeting hobby, I am expecting this year to be the year I stop goofing around and start getting serious. I wish to set a goal here and now that I will be sending something into a publisher by the end of the year. I have a few projects floating around and I anticipate finishing at least one of them. Another goal that is in the works is financial stability. My wife and I are grouping with some other people to gain some financial peace. Some friends of ours were given an opportunity, through their church, to follow a course outline from Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.

Now I am not one to go in on things religious as I am a devout Atheist (can you say oxymoron?), but I know we need help in the financial arena. What could be better than to be somewhat accountable to not just ourselves (my wife and I) but to a group. That is the main reason I am along on this ride as I wanted to get in front of others who are also having trouble keeping it all within their means and also to be following some guidance around getting it all together. Ultimately I like the approach and the guidance of Dave Ramsey with respect to his financial teachings. I am even able to stifle the goose bumps and or the cold sweats when he, once or twice a DVD session, spouts out scripture. I simply think of the Christian words that pop out on occasion as poetry and not the presumed word of god.

Of course, once we start following Dave Ramsey’s guidance, all hell breaks loose. The engine on our 2005 Excursion more or less dies, a direct result of my lack of responsibility around changing the fucking oil (don’t get me started). The alternate vehicle, while waiting for the beast to be towed away for a months worth of work, required 1.6K to get that up and running. All the while we are trying to put a budget together that works. Not real fucking easy when you have nothing left to budget with. Stay the course; because make no mistake, this is a war and I have no intentions of losing to it anymore.

Jesus, I sound like Gee Dubya, I gotta go I think I am going to be sick.

I had so much fun finding videos on Bush, I thought I would add this one too.