Movie Review:

Sick is a love story, a hate story, a life story, a death story, a pain story, a pleasure story. It is a documentary about Bob Flanagan, a Sado Masochist with a flair for the performing arts, who is stricken with cystic fibrosis and should already be dead (according to the norm of the disease). The film introduces to you the idea that S&M is perhaps an appropriate response to living most of a life in pain. What I appreciated most about this film was that Bob Flanagan had the sutured balls to provide it to us. His dedication to his wife and dominatrix, Rose and his struggle with cystic fibrosis showed him as a man with much to offer humanity. His down to earth and matter-of-factness regarding what I would have called a side show lifestyle enlightened me and drove away many of my preconceived notions. I found myself very much invested in Bob as a person, so when things became more real at the end, I found it painful and moving.

This is not a film about a lifestyle, its a film about a man and his chosen style of life and death.