As I found in my previous post, “Liquid Cooling“, the onboard GPU/NB chipset was getting very warm as I had pulled several fans out of my case. Also, as I had gotten a new GeForce GTS450 graphics card, I found that my placement of the reservoir was poorly planned. Thus, I embarked on another shopping spree from FrozenCPU to cool the onboard GPU and rearrange my cooling system.

This is my second adventure in the realm of water cooling. My Gigabyte GA-E7AUM-DS2H motherboard has the nVidia GeForce 9400 GPU/NB Chipset. I kind of took a risk that the Swiftech MCW30 Chipset Waterblock was going to work for me. I took a rough measurement of the screw placement on the GPU heatsink and I felt the MCW30 waterblock was going to suffice, but I had not removed the GPU heatsink to see what I was actually dealing with until after I got the waterblock. As luck would have it, the MCW30 fit perfectly.

I also decided to run some extra hose to the top and bottom of my case to ease draining and filling. Once the new waterblock was installed, the temps were as hoped, fantastic. My GPU/NB, before, was idling in the 70-80 range and would often get into the high 90’s. After cooling, the new temps were 30-35. Why I had not done this sooner is beyond me. Now I need a waterblock for the my graphics card (another day). I think I will see about removing a couple more fans from the case. See the pics below for the progress and temps (temps are the last two images).