omnia-skin-featuredThere I was, sitting, idling away the time browsing the Android Market and numerous blogs waiting for my Droid X. Watching video after video of wondrous applications, unboxings, rants, raves, comparisons and more. What I found was that I realized I had not leveraged my current phone as well as I could have. In that thought, I started looking for more apps for my current phone, Samsung Omnia SCH-i910. One of the apps I found was MyMobiler. It’s a program that allows remote access to your phone from your desktop. Important? No, but quite handy.

I immediately went about creating a skin for my Samsung Omnia SCH-i910. Feel free to download it if you are so inclined. You need to unzip it into the MyMobiler Skins directory and then make a small modification to your mymobiler.ini file.

Modify your mymobiler.ini:
Comment this line: #SkinFile=Skin\\DefaultSkin.xml
Add this line: SkinFile=Skin\\SOi910\\SOi910skin.xml

It’s not perfect as I could not code all the buttons, but its better than the default skin.

Now, back to dreaming about my Droid X!