ac-pcMy search for PC cooling has been on-going for years. Never jumping into the water cooling simply because all the best advice I glean from the net is “Do Not Skimp”. This year has been no different, so justifying the expenditure for my personal PC has been low on the priority list.

This summer has been warm and my office is a 10×7 enclosure with little circulation, so I snagged one of the AC units floating around the house. It’s the smallest one and seemed to cool the room very well. It dropped my PC temps by about 5 degrees as it sat under my desk. I decided to move it to a shelf behind my monitor and now it sits just in front of my AC unit. I left the side panel open and voila… 20-30 degrees cooler… just like that.

I did a little research on the concerns of condensation. There are two schools of thought here: it will cause condensation or it will not. Most AC units work similar to a dehumidifier, so I am willing to see if the benefits outweigh the risk. I will update this post if I find that the condensation is a problem.

Low brow indeed, but the effects are brow raising! Using CPUID’s HWMonitor, I have some numbers for before the move and after.