Tech Review:

droidx-featuredHopefully I don’t go blind, but I have been playing with my Droid X like a fiend. All I can say is that it has met all my expectations and more. Like everyone, I await eagerly for the OTA Froyo update, which will provide access to many new features, most anticipated: Flash 10.1.

The Droid X has provided me with an alternative to sitting in front of my computer as well as lugging around my laptop. It has replaced my Kindle (well, I don’t actually have one but if I did… gone), no more PSP (gave that to my son), no need for a laptop (it had ceased working anyway), and my desktop can be the server I meant it to be.

I suppose there is still a need for my PC: larger scale writing, Starcraft II, and the occasional DVD rip. Regardless, I feel a bit free from desk and chair.

My phone progression has been from an old LG flip phone (can’t recall the model, who cares anyway it was six years ago) to a XV6600, then a Samsung Omnia and now the Droid X.

The XV6600 was great: a little big (I like that) big screen, slide out qwerty, email, browsing and a few apps (mostly pitiful games and the occasional office app). This was my first windows mobile device and, being a die-hard windows fan, I loved it. In fact, I stayed with that phone for two ‘new every two’ cycles. There just wasn’t anything out there that I liked.

Then the Omnia came into view. I don’t even recall what it was that I liked about that phone. I hated the smaller screen, I despised the dongle and, well, it was windows mobile again. The Omnia took a bit to get used to since there was only the on-screen keyboard. I think the biggest reason I went for it was because my family made fun of me for carrying around the big XV6600, plus it was missing some screws. I caved. I bought the Omnia and tried to like it. I really did. I think the dongle pen was the topic of gay discussions everywhere I went. My manhood was in question. I began to resent it. I no longer pulled it out in public to play with it as I used to with my XV6600.

Then I saw the Droid X.

Everything about the Droid X suggested over the edge. Huge screen, 8 mega-pixel camera, 720p HD video capture. Are you fucking kidding me? Top that off with a hugely popular and powerfully adaptable open source OS, and you have hands down the iphone killing machine I have been dreaming about.

I am forcing myself to spend the 10 minutes to write this post simply because I am sure there is something else I could be doing with my Droid. In fact, after about mid way through, I got a notification in my rss feed on my Droid that the Android 2.2 Froyo had been leaked. I immediately went to the appropriate location, downloaded the update and installed it. Now, two to three weeks before the OTA, I am standing on the shoulders of giants via my Droid X.

Here are my personal favorite apps (atm):

In all cases except where notated, I am using the free versions until I feel comfortable paying for them.