cure-cancerMy son came home from school the other day and exclaimed that a cure for cancer had been found. I immediately grew skeptical, not just because my son has a rather strange sense of humor (wondering where he might get it) and sometimes says the oddest things, but because I had not heard about it. Now there are two things wrong with that; one is that I think my son would joke about such a thing, and I’m not getting enough news fiber in my diet.

As we sat for dinner, he began to explain the cure as he was told by his 10th grade science teacher. Now I was all ears; his teacher brought this up? I listened with a continued underpinning of skepticism and told myself that I would do my own due diligence on this asap. My son was excited and also concerned. Excited because this was an important find. Millions of people could be cured, a disease like a so-many-tentacled creature looming in the dark at the edge of your periphery. Concerned, because in almost the same breath, he made it very clear that this was a very cheap cure and as such, the big pharma’s were not picking it up.

Could this be true? A cure for cancer and no one wanted to touch it? My bullshit radar went off. Sure, the pharma’s are money-grubbing, double-dealing, ass-saving creatures of the capitalistic region, but which one of these giants could not turn a cheap (nearly free) cure for cancer into money?I’ll tell you who wouldn’t: anyone who knew it was bullshit.

OK… so that was what I thought as I listened to my son while indulging in some Rigatoni Alfredo. Then I did some research. What I discovered about this 4-year-old topic is that it’s not bullshit, but neither is it gilded lilies. According to some, it has potential, but is not as cut and dry as many would lead you to believe. In fact, it may be about as effective causing cancer as it is curing it. I think the real surprise for me is that my 10th grade son is being taught that this is a cure and that there may be a slight conspiracy to not allow it to surface. It’s not so much ‘What are they teaching?’ as it is ‘Why are they teaching?’

As you may already know, everything and anything can cause cancer. Don’t wait for the cure for a disease you may or may not have before you live your life.

Now… where the fuck was I?