I picked up a nice technical pen and began sketching out some ideas for a t-shirt. I have not put pen to paper in such a way in quite some time, but it felt really good. This is probably not going to be a big seller, but I’d wear it. I have a couple more ideas using the same skull so I am hoping to generate a series. I will post them as I get them done. This one is a three color design, but the lights in the buildings might go away if I have trouble with the registration, which I probably will. We had picked up a YuDu quite some time ago and only used it once. It is supposed to make the registration easier by providing a systematic approach, but we shall see.

Edit: Aug 22, 2011I finally got around to burning this image and found two things… one is that I am very much out of practice and two, I need a finer mesh screen. Needless to say, the burning did not go so well. I will give it another try soon. I may opt for a less detailed graphic to ramp my skills back up.